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Recordable in plaster ceilings Tefuplac


The removable roof manufactured by Escayolas Tefuplac are in the market for 20 years constructive meeting market needs thanks to the variety and versatility of the models.


Techos Desmontables


We focus on the environment and our company makes every effort in this direction to establish the necessary systems to conserve our environment.


For this, the raw material used , plaster , calcium sulfate hemihydrate ( S04 Ca 1/2 H2O) , with a purity greater than 95 % , make our roofs ecological and natural, this feature also makes it totally safe , without risk to health in all phases of handling ( manufacture, assembly and final use in ceiling)


This type of roofing is recommended by all professionals (architects , designers , interior designers ... ) due to its practicality and functionality as well as its durability.


In our efforts to continuously improve the performance of our products intensifies daily quality controls both the raw material and the product, applying the current legislation so as to guarantee the reliability of the same in all phases of the process ensuring correct manufacture, sale and distribution.




Our range of roofs brings difficult constructive benefits to match because his mark of ECO product, fire resistant, stable to heat, humidity regulator for being hygroscopic , its composition provides environmental comfort by having good thermal performance and high value against the reflection of light , improves the sound , thanks to its versatility termination and space conditioning is achieved by improving the aesthetics.


The materials used for manufacturing allow its duration is one of its most important features.


The use of glass fiber , together with the expanded perlite and gypsum to the ceilings provides high tensile Mechanical strength than other materials flexo.


The removable roof we manufacture also have the characteristic of being ASEPTIC , successfully passing the test performed by the laboratory Bio- Accali , laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Pharmacy , for testing the survival of populations microorganism.




To conceal wiring, heating , air conditioning, telephone and access them from anywhere easily and quickly.


The removable roof , being an entirely separate installation decrease damage to existing facilities , prevent strokes , stains ...




perfiles techos desmontables

The removable roof we manufacture are installed with grid systems USG Donn type . Allows installation removable roof edge to edge Seen and 24mm SemiVisto.

The profiles of 24mm is fireproof , allowing installation and use in extreme conditions and risk due to their special characteristics of expansion, thickness and height of reinforced profile for added rigidity and fire resistance.


There are also the full range of grid adaptable to any type of edge ( 15 mm , hidden ... ) of




Nur roofs are supplied in boxes, palletized and shrink plastic sheathed.




With a clear commitment to customer service, ESCAYOLAS TEFUPLAC guarantees the supply of products in short order, with a volume and consistent quality.


Our sales network and our technical team can advise and offer clients as much personal attention needed:
Information on new models, product specifications , testing , technical and construction data




The ceilings we manufacture are maintenance and cleaning does not require abrasive or chemical.


Also do not need painting, but can be painted . We recommend using water -based paints.


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Catálogo Techos Desmontables