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Escayolas TefuplacEscayolas TEFUPLAC
 is located since 1989 in the national and international market :

--> Prefabricated interior decoration and 
--> Removable plates plaster ceilings

Our experience over the years , allows us to offer our customers the best in service, quality and price.

We have 50,000 m2 factory , equipped with the latest technology :
--> 2 trains fully automated manufacture of flat plates and removable plates
--> Artificial dryer

With this technology , we obtain the highest quality and guaranteed availability of our products , meeting the needs of our customers at any time of year.

In our catalog , you will find the widest variety of prefabricated plaster market , both nationally and internationally.


In Escayolas TEFUPLAC , we invest our time and effort into getting a more flexible and effective organization.

Our industry experience , coupled with investment in technology and training of our staff makes us overcome every day in quality and service , thereby maintaining the best prices in the market.


Escayolas Tefuplac

Our products are manufactured under strict quality controls , which include not only the product quality but also such important aspects as:
--> environmental sustainability by incorporating controls for the recycling of waste products,
--> minimizing noise pollution,
--> energy saving measures for reducing air pollution with greenhouse gases,
--> no contamination of aquifers and water saving.



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